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Pink Lady Love Pink Paper Bag

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  Kairui gift bag-Tiger

  Which come to your mind first when i say pink lady? Do you thinking of cocktail called pink lady? What i am talking about  is lady's dress up in pink style.
  Now check this women accessories, do you like it?




  Pink coat, pink trousers, pink high heels, pink watch, pink fingernails, and pink cosmetic could let us imagine how lovely this lady's appearance. Warm pink color and pink style could shock you at first sight.
  What would this pink lady's shopping bag look like?

  Do you like this one? Delicate grid design women gift bag with edge folding and 2 pink rainbows let us feel the pink and  lovely women.

  Now check this high heels "for you" women gift bag. This is specially designed for fashion lady. 3D handbag paste piece and glitter high heels make this gift bag for lady really attractive.

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